Re-Clutter your Life (#Terraintober Immersion marker Project) Part 5 – A Dog Kennel

This Part 5 of a series of a fair few posts, Part 1 (link here) gives an overview and the philosophy applied to the series – cheap, simple and fun.

Dog Kennel

Ares might might be the name of the Greek god of courage and war, one of the Olympians and son of Zeus and Hera. But it is also my sisters dog and loves his main job which is to assist in the hunting of moose.

Now a big and eager dog but I still prefer this picture from his youth, nice and peaceful on the kitchen floor – wonder what thoughts might go through his head.

Anyway let us step up the game slightly from a few pieces of wood piled on top of each other that we had yesterday and the day before, to actually building a structure albeit small. Today we are doing a dog Kennel.

Just like in Part 1 I cut out piece of cardboard that I glue coffee stirrers on (these were cut lengthwise in half) and then glue on the cardboard, then trimmed with side cutters. Then superglue them on the base.
Add some “planks” for side walls.
Then add a roof, just put planks on and trim once dry and put the dog halfway out, and base the whole thing with sand.
As for the paiting I went for a red Kennel as this fits with he Sweden 1943 theme I am working towards, and the dog, well not sure what kind it ended up being but I think it worked out.
Maybe I try to do something to represent a bowl or something and perhaps a bone (but that will do for now). You could also take some sandpaper and add to the roof, it really looks good painted black (not the coarse one but the fine one).

And that budget, well we were at £14.93 yesterday and we added the Dog, this was from a packet of 15mm dogs from Museum miniatures and set us back £3, so we have now spent £17.93 (But a good investment and some dogs in our back pocket for another project).

Tomorrow we are making an instant cellar, see you then.

/ Hope that was of some interest

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