Mutant 1984 or Year 0 and the Wyrdworld Kickstarter from Fenris Games

I have been buying things from Ian at Fenris Games for some time, and some of my favourite models have been bought there. Ian’s products are of high quality and never disappoints – he is also a jolly good fellow.

If you are in a rush go and check out his new kickstarter whether you like anthromorphic animals for you fantasy or your sci-fi/postapocalytpic settings here.

Here are some of the many amazing models I have done over the years, like this one of Atlach-Nacha (more here) which was a joy to build and paint.


Or this one “The Dweller in the Ruins” (more here), simple paintjob but with a character just shining through.

The Deathdealer, not sure how many layers of yellow wash I applied!


Or the Dark Young of Shub Niggurath – or the Murder Tree in my World.


And there are more done and waiting on the lead (and Resin) pile from Fenris.

As you know I have a fascination for the Swedish Mutant RPG form 1984 (well for the whole line including the latest amazing Free League Offerings – Mutant Year 0 and Mutant Hindenburg). One of the key elements are the mutated Animals that populate the world as a result of experimentation to find resistant creatures to the world after the catastrophe – a virus infested world hiding away in enclaves then nuking each other to Kingdom come. But never mind, the resulting world is a Post apocalyptic Skandinavia populated by “pure” humans, mutants (both human and animals) and robots, etc.

These Animals are mostly anthropomorphic, in other worlds they are like humans in terms of walking on there back legs and having hands that can grip items like weapons but with the features on an animal. There are a lot of these models if you look around but not all fits in a wider setting mixing in with humans from other ranges etc (e.g. being too cartoony – is that a word?).

Sometimes there are models perfect with no modifications required, sometimes some headswaps are required. There are some fantastic ones to be found from Sally 4th (here).

Anyway here are a few from my current collection.


Anyway all in all a little bit insane, but both the Little One and I really enjoy it.

Now, back to Fenris Games who are currently on their second day of their Wyrdworld kickstarter.

Project image for Wyrdworld ReCreated - 28mm anthro fantasy miniatures
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ee23c38c8e70df32fa438aba5539525b_original.jpg

Consisting of Anthromorphic Animals that will fit directly into the Mutant world and of course any Fantasy setting. If you want to take them a step further you could easily kitbash them and add the odd Traffic Sign shield (perhaps with a Moose on it), or a holster or a high tech weapons from one of those many sprues you have lying around, or a musket slung over the shoulder to add that Skandinavia Post Apocalyptic look to it all. The pictures shows two examples of this.

Lagertha from Bad Squiddo Games a Dark Ages Shield Maiden turned Post Apocalyptic by adding a traffic sign shield.
Addng a holster to a fantasy chap!

The Kickstarter was funded within 24 hours and is running for another 9 days when I am writing this. Go and check it out, there are a number of different levels that you can pledge at should you wish to.

By the way here is the link to the Kickstarter (and HERE)

/ All the best

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