Poltava 1709 at Joy of Six 2019 – the Grand Finale of the Towards Moscow Trilogy (TMT)


This is a quick report back from Joy of Six focusing on the table Nick, Andrew, Neil (from the Wyre Foresters, thanks to all of you!) and I put up on the day. there are some additional reflections and pictures of the show overall that I will issue sometime this coming weekend. Thanks to everyone who came by we really enjoyed the feedback!

The Towards Moscow Trilogy

More than three years ago I decided to have a go at doing a few battles of the ill-fated Russian campaign (1707-1709) of the Great Northern War 1700-1721.  I set out the plan in a blog post (link here) and the three battles we would cover were:

Lesnaya 1708 – link to more pictures here in the blogpost from Joy of Six 2017:

Battle of Lesnaya 1708 (8 foot table)

Horka 1708 (a what-if battle that would allow us to field a more balance army composition and linear battle that would be the case for the battles of the Campaign) – link to more pictures here in the blogpost from Joy of Six 2018:

Battle of Horka 1708 (12 foot table)

This year it was a 16 foot table and the disastrous (from a Swedish perspective) Battle of Poltava. Here are a number of pictures from the day with the occasional comments and some link on how some elements of the tables was being made – we were far to busy talking to people to even have a go at actually trying to play it! I think the vision of a grand spectacle was achieved, hope you enjoy  (if you have any comments do get it touch through the blog and ask away):

Initial disposition the Russian Infantry in the Camp on the left, the redoubts filled with Russian Infantry and the line of Dragoons behind the redoubts.
Close up of the Redoubts, we can see the Swedes in the far right corner starting their march. More about the redoubts here and he colourful fields here.


More detail of the Yakovetski forest, the Monastery, Poltava itself and the Swedish Camp.


The Swedes quickly overrun the first redoubt and set about taking care of the other one.


Poltava with the Siege Lines in the upper left corner. Buildings mainly from Total Battle miniatures with a Scratch built Fortress (walls and towers).  More on the Poltava here, the ruined villages here and the Siege Lines here.


The Swedes are through
Some battalions being lost in the forest


The Swedes organising themselves for the main battle


Some immense firing


Swedish Artillery being left behind!


Detail of the Swedish Camp, more about the camp here.


Siege works


/ Hope that was of some interest!











26 thoughts on “Poltava 1709 at Joy of Six 2019 – the Grand Finale of the Towards Moscow Trilogy (TMT)

  1. Absolutely amazing work! I love the visual spectacle of well done 6mm games. A very different perspective from 28mm, but I think it really works for big battle games. How many players per side for the game?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nick Dorrell

      Ed Leland: We were short staffed and had so much interested so we didn’t play the game. It would have been 1 player a side using the Twilight of the Sun King rules.

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  2. Phil Carrington

    A wonderful example of what is possible in 6mm. I really hope this gets picked up by one of the wargames magazine so that it is brought to a wider audience.

    I think it illustrates the increasing importance of basing and terrain the smaller the figures becomes.

    Well done ! Phil

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  3. Excellent work Per. Gå På!
    I am so sorry that this year I could not attend Jo6 this year. i would have loved to seen your Poltava game, particularly because I also was not able to attend Poltava as a re-enactor.
    I will continue to follow your blog.

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  4. I saw the table myself at the show- the standout display, it had the feel of the best sort of military art, the sort that shows the full sweep of a battle, but in £D, I loved seeing all of the terrain bits that you have featured on your blog too in person.

    I popped by your table a couple of times in the day to say hello in person but you weren’t there.



    Liked by 2 people

  5. iainfuller69

    Cracking stuff as usual Per. It really was an absolute pleasure seeing this in the flesh, a right belter of a game and as everyone else said it really shows how 6mm can make a great impact with the scale of battles that can be put on.

    Liked by 2 people

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