All revved up and ready to go to Joy of Six (2019)!

It is now a few days until Joy of Six 2019 and I am really looking forward to it.

Our Little Poster with the famous artwork by Martens.

The 16 by 5 foot mat is done and will be decorated with all the key elements on the day (in addition there will be trees, villages and a few fields – not to forget all the miniatures).



I always made some cards (actually mdf bases) with all the Commanders, there were a large amount to be done.

Command Cards – yes I got the Peter card wrong and did rectify Russian to Russia. The +1 and +3 indicate Command Ability, Peter being Average (+1) and the Swede Exceptional (+3)!

And the command structures are all done…



Boxes have been packed and it all fits in the car – we are all revved up and ready to go!

Looking forward to see some of you at the show and to take some pictures to share with the rest of you, until then keep on toy soldiering!

Here are a few files you may find interesting (the command structures, the poster and the command card)

Poltava 1709 Command Structure and Units TotSK v1 

Poltava 1709 One Pager TotSK v1

Poltava Command Cards TotSK v2

/ All the very best!

9 thoughts on “All revved up and ready to go to Joy of Six (2019)!

  1. Phil Carrington

    Wow. That looks like a lot of work that has come together beautifully. I love the town in particular but it all looks very impressive.

    Best of luck on the day. Be prepared to explain how you created this epic many, many times !!


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  2. Robert

    I went to Joy of 6 yesterday specifically to see this Poltava in the flesh. It was stunning. The attention to detail in the modelling was inspirational. I have already copied some of your ideas and will probably steal / borrow some more as I delve deeper into the GNW.
    It was also a real pleasure to shake hands with someone so skilled.
    The other chaps from Wyre Forest Gamers were incredibly helpful and informative. This was definitely my favourite corner of the show.
    Thank you

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