Re-Clutter your Life (#Terraintober Immersion marker Project) Part 12 – A moose hunting tower

This Part 12 of a series of a fair few posts, Part 1 (link here) gives an overview and the philosophy applied to the series – cheap, simple and fun.

A Moose Hunting Tower (Jaktpass in Swedish)

Today we are doing a common item in a Swedish forest, not sure how many they had in the 1940s but at least they had one on my table. The towers are used by hunting teams for setting up positions during the hunt. It would be a fun clutter to put in to break up some forest area.

Sweden has the most dense population of moose in the world and annual almost 100,000 moose are being shot to control the population. The Moose was almost extinct at the beginning of the 19th century but due to modern thinking from hunting organisations the Moose slowly came back.

The hunting tower is a welcome sight when you are hiking in the forest or looking for berries, mushroom and fungi (not the ones from Yoggoth), it is a place to stop for a moment hang up your backpack and perhaps have a break and eat your picnic. Dad and I used to go to the same spot every year for a weekend and pick lingon berries, blue berries and if we were lucky some wild raspberry (we used to be able to forage enough in weekend to last to the next year and it was a damn good time. There was an old hunting tower in the area, it was our point of reference and we used to have this as a base for our operations and I wish I had picture of us being there, but we never brought a camera so I guess the only picture I have is up there is my head.

We only need our coffee stirrers for this project.

First I cut a few coffee stirrers lengthwise and then cut them in 30mm lengths (15mm scale) and then made a platform about 10mm square (as always this is glue on top of a piece of cardboard or plastic).
Then start building up the sides, roughly 10mm wide, you can cut them when the glue has dried.
Slowly build up something like that
Superglue it
Just build up the structure leave one side open to create the ladder
Then add some steps – Job done
Little bit late but check your work against your models, remember in 1/100 10mm is a meter in real life.
Painted and ready to go, just like the tower Dad and I used to go to.

And that budget, well we are still at £17.93 as these were all free issue material, so we seem to be able to keep this under control

Tomorrow we are making signs, well actually only one sign as it is a lazy Wednesday project.

/ Hope that was of some interest

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