Revolution on Planet Pot – first thoughts on a Stargrave / 5 parsecs Campaign

I really love the old Copplestone Castings, currently sold by Forlorn Hope games, in the UK (link here).

My Star Grave/ 5 parsec heroes Spawn of Speed are from the Rocker range (see more here and here), these are the rebellious heroes of the Space Sagas.

The Little One and I talked about doing a small campaign and I remembered these miniatures from the Fornlorn Hope range.

It contains 4 cops with hats, a female cop (with the standard, no hat/helmet and big hair), a guy with a big gun and a guy looking like Mussolini (Il Duce) doing a gesture measuring something with his hand (or something like this). I thought this was a perfect basis for a small Dictator and his closest guard. I wanted to make them look dark a menancing and went for the Vallejo Black Green (70980) as a base colour with some small highlighting with Vallejo Gunship Green (70895). Most of the other details where painted black then some highlights with very dark grey in two rounds. The advisors had some details in the Green basic to blend in with the “unit”.

So here is the “Captain” – Il Douchebag and his First Mate – Vlasik Beria.

The Supreme Leader’s Guard – Henrietta Herler with 4 troopers

Special Advisors – Mr Andersen, Scarf face and Mr Pee (these are from the Rebel Range).

The setting is the Planet Pot, a mineral rich planet mainly mined for Tin. Il Douchebag has been ruling the planet with an Iron Hand for donkeys years and his regime is oppressive. The Spawn of Speed band has been sent to help the underground resistance movement with information and supplies to start a coup to take over control, so a series of small adventures – a small campaign is being planned.

The kind of scenarios in the “ladder campaign” would be something like this:

  1. First contact – getting onto the planet fight against some security forces and try to escape and find the resistaince.
  2. Stealing some important designs to allow access to the presidential palace
  3. Attack on the presidential palace, a fight against Soldiers to gain access to the palace.
  4. Chasing the Dictator – a “get him before he escapes” kind of scenario

I also want to do some Pot Troopers and have ordered some of these (they are Raumjagers from Wargames Atlantic), I think they will look brilliant in the colour scheme above (i.e. Dark Green and Black, basically painted the jacket and the trousers in green).

See the source image

/ Hope that was of some interest

14 thoughts on “Revolution on Planet Pot – first thoughts on a Stargrave / 5 parsecs Campaign

  1. Looking forward to future mayhem and thwarting of nefarious plans. couldn’t find anything by Spawn of Speed on YouTube, but I think that Spinal Tap may have done cover versions of some of their greatest hits?

    Regards, Chris.

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