Joy of Six 2021 – Roll a One Links to Youtube

This is a blogpost with a link to my Youtube video for the Joy of Six 2021 Event, 4th July 2021, from 10AM – 4PM GMT+1, if you read this before this time you can go to Baccus 6mm nd just sign-up through the invite (link here ). I will be taking questions about the game from 11.30 to 12.30. If you like the video, please link or perhaps even subscribe to the channel. I might be inspired to do some more.

The link to the organisation dicussed in the video can be found on this blog post Lund 1676 – Ordre de Bataille (OdB) and Ratings for Twilight of the Sun King (WIP) at Virtual Joy of Six 2021.

I will also do a presentation of the Charity Project where more than 50 painters signed up and we ended up with two small armies, it will start at 10.15 (GMT+1) and will include a presentation of the idea, how it worked, the background to the armies we built, pictures of each unit and some action photos.

Below is a link to the presentation, however it will not be made public until after the presentation (at 11.00 GMT+1 on 4th July 2021), so if you miss the presentation you can get it here after the event.

/Hope this is of some interest

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