Lund 1676 – Ordre de Bataille (OdB) and Ratings for Twilight of the Sun King (WIP) at Virtual Joy of Six 2021

The following is a companion blog post for the Lund 1676 battle that will be presented at the Virtual Joy of Six 2021 on Sunday 4th July 2021 (starting 10am, UK time, more detail will follow on It contains the Ordre de Bataille that is used to set up the table and play the game presented, also the unit types and qualities used for the battle. These a specifically for the Sun Kings rules, but I hope you could have some use of these for whatever rules you use. The idea is aggressive Swedish Units but not up to the quality we would expected in the Great Northern war – a lot of the galloping horse (i.e. shock cavalry) are using the tactics but are classed as raw due to lack of experience in the method (with a few exceptions). Similar the Danes used the Caracole and this have been classified as Poor Cavalry but trained (bad tactics but good soldiers). Similar for the infantry but we have assumed all units as trained. The extra morale factor for the Swedes often used in the Great Northern War is not present in this battle. Note that a large number of the Swedish units are classified as small due to the very small numbers of reported men in the battalion or the squadrons.

Note that we used a base width of 30mm and therefore most units where 60mm wide (battalion scale lite, as this does only one battalion and 2 squadrons per units, instead of the normal two battalions and 4 squadrons per base. We used some odd 30mm bases and used these are an additional base for the large units and this base, was taken away when the first morale loss was failed (simulating the additional resilience of the large unit). Also note that the Dutch Sailors have been given the inferior infantry classification, this means that they are always inferior to the normal infantry units in melee and in musketry. As for cavalry the Swedes had 12 guns and the Danes 56 guns, I have given the Swedes 2 gun bases and the Danes 6, perhaps the Swedes only deserve one?

The pride of the Swedish Army now and then, the Life Guard. With traditions dating from 1521, the regiment is one of the oldest military units in the world still in existence, and sees its start when 16 young men from my home county Dalarna were selected to become body guards for Gustav Eriksson as part of the Swedish war of Liberation that would eventually end in Gustav becoming King of Sweden in 1523.

/ Hope that was of some interest, let me know how you have interpreted Lund 1676, and I hope you check out Joy of Six, there will be plenty of 6mm related things to explore.

11 thoughts on “Lund 1676 – Ordre de Bataille (OdB) and Ratings for Twilight of the Sun King (WIP) at Virtual Joy of Six 2021

      1. Christopher E

        Hej Per!
        Fantastiskt arbete du lagt ner på slaget vid Lund 👍
        En fråga bara; hur fick du fram Gästrike-Helsinges 3-männingsflagga? Den finns ju inte
        med bland Baccus’ fanor.


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  1. Dannie Fogleman

    Nice job here! I am going to try this out, for sure.

    I have a couple of questions and comments. Personally, I would rate the Smaland cavalry as trained, since they fought at Halmstadt with success. The Vastgota cavalry was also at Halmstadt but did do well at Lund, so either way on them. From what I can tell, none of the Danish cavalry present had ever been in a field action, so some of them, at least, might be considered raw. Counting the sailors as janissaries might be giving them too much credit. Maybe count them as all pike in a firefight and all musket in a melee, or is that too complicated? Finally, I didn’t see any artillery, did I miss it, or was it left off intentionally?

    Thanks for sharing this,
    Dannie. Fogleman
    Alexandria Virginia

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    1. Dannie, many thanks for your comments, I have just done the classification based on the fact that they had the new instructions not their performance, but your idea is good as well. For the Danes I wanted to start giving them some advantage as I had downgraded their quality to more or less dragoons. For the sailors I agree with you and we actually played them more or less as stated but the list still retain the initial thoughts, I have corrected this and added notes on the artillery too. Appreciated, many thanks.


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