Painting Guide 4 – Infantry

This is the fourth painting Guide supporting the 6mm Charity project that has now started (you can read more about it in a previous blog here). There will be a total of 4 painting guides, covering Horse, Dragoons, Foot and Artillery of the Baccus Wars of the Sun King Range. Here some links to the other ones.

Painting Guide 1 – Horse

Painting Guide 2 – Artillery

Painting Guide 3 – Dragoons

We will start this one at Step 5 – which is the painting stages (I highly recommend that you read Step 1 to 4 in the First painting guide as it covers some things that are important in preparing the miniatures and yourself for the challenge, a link is provided here).

It is fairly straightforward and it is my favourite type of unit.

Step 5 – the Painting (depending on how you access this you may just see one picture, but it is a slideshow with the steps)

/ Hope that was of some help, moving on updates on the project will focus on units as they get completed. In writing this I know that two painters have already completed their miniatures.

9 thoughts on “Painting Guide 4 – Infantry

  1. Per, great blog explaining the painting for the infantry but is it possible for the text in stage 5 to be separate from the photos, so I can copy it to word and print it off as a reference for when I am doing the Blakinov unit?


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