SELWG 2017

Last year the Little One had a rugby tournament, but this year the day was free to go up to Crystal Palace and attend the SELWG 2017 wargames show.  With the Little One in recovery after an injury from Karate I had to endure the day on my own – but then it was a good day!

The Main Hall area of the Show, there is another area called the balcony (from where I took the photo) that adds another 25% of space.


I did enjoy the show and was not really there with any mission of buying things but still managed to get away with the Raiders Supplement for Dux Britanniarum (by Too Fat Lardies) with a Deck of Cards, as well as some stuff I need for yet another side project I am doing with some 15mm Finns (and Soviets) for the Continuation war and the June 1944 Soviet offensive (but more about that some other time) – I got some stuff from Ironclad Miniatures (link here) and a damaged T-34 from Peter Pig (link here), it will add some character to the battlefield.

I also got a little 10mm Spanish Gunboat from Stonewall figures (their 10mm Napoleonic Ship Range, link here) that will try to get away with as a bigger boat for a GNW scenario (with 6mm miniatures) I am planning to do with the Little One.  I followed the instruction but added a bowsprit – I hope it will look presentable, and not too inaccurate, once painted and with sails. It did not take long to put it together.



So what about the games?  Well I did not take photos of all of them, not necessarily because they were not impressive but because I did not stop for a chat.  For example, I wanted to have a go a trying out Peter Pigs Spanish Civil War game and thought I take some pictures, but never seemed to pick a moment when it was not too busy.

So here are the ones I did get a few pictures of..


Maidstone Wargames society’s “Fenris Descending” was a great game where you had to fend of an approaching robotic horde.  It was a delight and was mostly scratch built with a shanty town made from domino bricks, tanks made from computer mice and the robots were made from various components (like rivet fasteners, plug stoppers, etc.) and the terrain pieces made from Yoga Blocks (I let you google that I find it out for yourself). Great game.



Staying on the robotic theme. South London Warlord put on another impressive game, “Daleks: Invasion Earth”, that had teams of Dalek fighting their way to get their hands of a Tardis and rule time and space. Looked really fun.



dalek 2.jpg
That little blue thing in the middle!



friday 2.jpg
Crawley Wargames club put on a typical table they have on any Friday, showing a typical Italian Renaissance battlefield with Landsknechts and a fantastic backdrop.



That is a nice piece of terrain!



pissoar 6.jpg
Gravesend Wargames club did a Chain of Command game “Taking the Pissoir!!” – that looked bloody brilliant and was an action during the British retreat in 1940 were the British attempt to stop the advance of the Germans, at small French town of “Menage A’tois”.



pissoar 2.jpg
Le personnage principal, Monsieur Pissoir!




poland 2.jpg
Another early war table form the Deal Wargames club, showing the fighting at the Prudka River in September 1939.  It was an inspiring game with a lot of back story and it is not every day you get a nicely presented 12-page handout for the battle when you stop for a chat – I will read mine on the train tomorrow morning.  Beautiful work and it was nice to see two early WW2 battles on the day.


poland 3.jpg

poland 7.jpg

poland 5.jpg



real time wargames.jpg
Real Time Wargames presented a nice table and have what I gather a rather interesting rule set Dell’arte Della Guerra.   The setting is early renaissance Italy during the 15th century and the rules are campaign driven and as a player you are the leader of a family of Condottiere who take on contracts to fight for one of the many Italian states.  



Shepway Wargamers presented a very nice table showing Romans with Saxon Foederati vs. Picts, Saxons and North British (Brittania 417 AD, Province of Valentia). Using WAB.



To the Stongest 4.jpg
Simon Miller and friends presented the Battle of Ruspina (46 BC) and it was yet another big battle feast! This shows a clash during the Civil War between Caesar with two legions of recruits taking on Titus Labineus (who had served as Caesars number 2 during the Gaul Campaign) and many Numidians.


To the Stongest 1To the Stongest 2to the stongest 5


Newbury and Reading Wargamers presented the last battle of the War of the Roses – Stokefield 1487.



The League of Gentlemen Anti Alchemists were running Sharp Practice with a Texan War of Independence, I ended up talking about everything apart from the game. But it looked fun!



Another one from the Too Fat Lardies stable – Gneral d’Armee. Nice looking terrain.



/ Hope that was of some interest




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