The Joy of Sixteen Degrees in the Shade – Getting back to normality


I just finished one of the longest holidays I have had for a long time, however on the first day back it still feels like all the others – too short.

I have to admit that the idea of doing one of the Great Sieges with the Knight Hospitaliers and Ottomans in attendances (like Rhodes 1522 or Malta 1565) seemed to have planted itself in my mind.  We will see for how long!  Got myself a little prop just in case.

In addition I listened to the latest Meeples and Miniatures podcast about Sam Mustafa’s new ruleset Rommel (see link here) and I am currently in some wonderful la-la land with 3mm or 6mm miniatures on a desert board fighting out the North African campaign. I also listened to the latest podcast from the guys at Wargames Soliders and Strategy (WSS) and amongst other things learned about the Origin of Rommel’s legendary goggles (see a link to an newpaper article here and a link to the podcast itself here).


I also caught up on some other podcasts including Wargames Recon (here) and the Veteran Wargamer (here). I really like the stuff Jay Arnold of the Veteran Wargamer is doing and he has now done more than 20 shows now – all good.

I did improve on my travel battleground following a visit to a shop that seemed to sell everything – even wargames mats!. They had been labelled door mats in error and they only had one in green left. I parted with 3 coins of that euro currency and it was mine!


Worked a treat and we played a few more battles of Pikeman’s Lament with our 6mm French and British forces travel set-up.  Having used these as presented in the last post (see here)  we have really enjoyed our games. Veteran Commanded Shot (we used this category for the Indians) can be very annoying (for the opponent) if you have rough terrain/forest present, as they can move faster than other units and use their skirmish ability. Here are a few action shots from one of these games – including a typical damage roll from my perspective with two dice missing probably showing “ones”.

Regretfully the doorma… oops the battlemat had to stay behind.  I do hope the next guests will put it to some good use – it would be a shame if it was not shown proper respect and was actually treated as a door mat.

/ All the best! Keep toysoldiering on!








4 thoughts on “The Joy of Sixteen Degrees in the Shade – Getting back to normality

  1. Hi, I have been following you blog for a long time, I am also into 6mm miniatures. I have a question for you on Rommel. How do you plan to base your figures? I am looking at either 6mm or 3mm but I am not sure which scale to use. I think I will probably go with GHQ 6mm vehicles. I am just wondering what is the best way to base the miniatures. I think the game sounds really good. I am listening to the pod cast and looking at the files available on the Honour website.


  2. Hi Mark, I have decided to go with 3mm miniatures for this project. I actually ordered a fair few miniatures today. For basing I have checked out the nice blogposts by Doctorphalanx, see here . Basing is discussed and based on this I plan to do 3 tanks per base, two or three guns on each base and not sure about infantry, but perhaps as few strips and a truck or a half-track to indicate they are motorized. Perhaps I will base them on 40mm square bases or 30mm squares, or even 40 by 30mm. It seems like 3 bases is the maximum that can occupy a square “…in the base game” (perhaps more in the advance rules?). I will wait to make a final decision until I get the rules and the miniatures and start to experiment a little. I am likely to go for 10cm squares (4″) as this will fit the standard size on a normal 3 foot table – being without a dedicated gaming room this allows we to throw the mat or whatever I will use directly on the dining room table and get going. Also check out Mike Hobbs GHQ 6mm tanks on 80 by 60mm bases, they look very good as well (here is the url ). So no final decision over here yet, thanks for following the blog and hope this answer is of some use / All the best


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