Towards Moscow Trilogy (TMT) Part 3 – Accelerate or break!

I have just reviewed the children’s Christmas wish lists to do some final clicks on Amazon trying to support the market in its constant struggle to achieve equilibrium. I have not done a wish list for myself for a long time, my mother still asks me what I want every year and I normally answer peace on earth! – the best battles are fought on the tabletop with toy soldiers.

I tend to cherish experiences and last year I enjoyed the visit we did to the reenactment of the Battle of Hastings (see here for some notes from the day) or another example is when we went on the Dreknor boat in Caretan (Normandy) a few years back.  I like to get an insight in how things looked like, worked and/or felt, it is sometimes difficult to capture this from the pages of a history book.  So I do hope to get a similar experience of some kind in 2017.

Talking about experiences I took the children to watch Rogue One this evening – overall I thought it was fantastic fun and so did the kids (well, except the middle one!).  I have to admit that Episode VII and this movie has reinvigorated my faith in the Force again. Although I do not think I ever lost it!  A Light Saber that would be nice, I think I put that on my wish list.

I had a splendid day a few years ago on the Dreknor that is a ‘genuine’ replica of a Viking Longboat and offers a unique experience of being in a seafaring vehicle that for its time was pretty amazing and capable of maneuvers in shallow rivers as well as on the open ocean. I do hope I will get an opportunity to get out with the crew again at some point in the future. Here is a link if you are in Normandy and interested.

I have a friend who used to compete in long distance motorcycle off-road events whose motto used to be, and I suppose still is, “Accelerate or break!”.  It dawned on me that I was coming to a position with the Towards Moscow Trilogy project (see here for a summary of what the heck this is all about) where I had to get real and stop faffing about. So after being told off by myself I will stop this wishy washy stuff and get on with some painting instead.

I actually have not completed any bases of miniatures since August for this project, so I decided to complete at least ten bases by the end of each week. Here is how I got on this week (in red bases completed this week):

Russian Units for Lesnaya, TMT Part 1 Type Need Done
Preobrazhenski Infantry 3 3
Semenovski Infantry 3 3
Ingermanlandski Infantry 3 3
Astrachanski Infantry 1 1
 Menshikovs livskvadron  Cavalry 3 3
 Vladimirska Cavalry 4 4
 Sibirska Cavalry 3 3
 Nizjegorodska Cavalry 4 4
 Vjatska Cavalry 3
Nevska Cavalry 3
Kievska Cavalry 3
Novgorodska Cavalry 4
Rostovska dragonregementet Cavalry 4
Ustjuzjska dragonregementet Cavalry 4  
Smolenska Cavalry 3 3
Troitska Cavalry 3 3
Jamburgska Cavalry 3
Karpolska Cavalry 4
Tverska Cavalry 3 3
Koporski Cavalry 2
Narvski Cavalry 3
Olonetski Cavalry 4

And the mandatory proof (All 6mm scale from Baccus).


Menshikov’s Life Squadron



Vladimirski Dragoon Regiment




Nizjegorodski Dragoon Regiment


I am currently at the final hurdle of finishing of a Finnish and a Sovietic platoon for Chain of Command in 15mm – so I may do a few notes on these in the next few blogs.

I also got my order of Waggons from Baccus so we will continue doing the Supply column in the next few weeks or so.

/ May the force be with you and Toysoldier on!








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