Saga in 6mm – Part 8 – Real Estate

There are a fair number of companies selling 6mm buildings and terrain out there. Previously I have used buildings from Baccus, Total Battle, Irregular Miniatures, Magister Militium and Timecast for my 18th century GNW stuff.  For this project (with the exception of the palisade walls of the second village that are from Irregular miniatures) I used the excellent buildings from Leven Miniatures. Leven has a very extensive range of buildings and fortifications in 6mm for all kind of periods.  They will also attend Joy of Six in July together with Baccus, Total Battle and Timecast.

Big Village/Settlement

Some Anglo-Saxon manning the walls of the Settlement.

For the first village/settlement I wanted to create the feeling of a slightly larger settlement continuing off-board. I did a base to place the buildings on top to allow the ability to make it look more like paths between the buildings instead of putting them directly on the bare mat (with the perusual cocktail of some brown sand, chocolate brown paint, acrylic sealant topped up, when dry, with some dry brushing).  The buildings are from Leven and are the Saxon great hall, round houses and cottages. The walls and the gatehouse is from the upcoming Palisade Fortifications set (accidentally it works very well to place my 25mm bases on top of the walls). I could have built the walls myself but really liked the Leven model and could not resist it for very long.   Note the well that is from Perfect Six  (you may recall from a previous posting that I got the Irish war dogs from there too).  The same type of well was used in the second village (as they come in a pack of two).

The Leven Saxon collection
The full Palisade set from Leven.

Small Village/Settlement

The small village/settlement with the Viking houses.

For the second village I used buildings from Leven’s Viking settlement range with the palisade being formed by a combination of the walls and gates from a wild west fort from Irregular Miniatures but with the corners replaced by 3 no. Leven Viking watch towers and one of their fantasy watchtowers. Again on top of a base dry brushed and with grass to make the buildings blend in.

Village base with no palisade.


The Vikings have arrived!

I got the longboats from Heroics and Ros. They come with the option of having the shields hanging on the outside and there are rowers and crew as well. However, I wanted to show them as being left whilst the warband is rolling Saga dice on land. They look a little bit plain, but I am not sure what the final configuration will be  – so I will leave them like this for the moment and probably for the show too.

The plain boats!

Next time I will show some “in-action” pictures from some of the games we have played.  Looks like Neil and Dave are getting ready for the event as well, over at the Meeples and Miniatures “island“!

/ Take Care

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