Saga in 6mm – Part 5

Note 1: It probably makes more sense if you read Saga in 6mm – Part 1 before your read this.

Note 2: All miniatures are from Baccus miniatures, unless indicated otherwise, and the codes relates to their catalogue.

Breton, Norse-Gael and Franks

I spent last week enjoying some relaxed time with friends and family and forgot to update the blog yesterday (Sorry!). The closest I came to something related with the Saga project was in drinking some Hippocras. We tried “La Licorne (the Unicorn)” that is handmade in Normandy and is composed of rare spices and light wine made in medieval tradition from the 13th and 14th century.  The spices works as a conservative so no chemicals are added to the drink.  It is sweet but yet intense and strong in flavours.  The main spices, of the 15 used, are mace (the lacy layer around the nutmeg), cinnamon, galanga root and maniquette seeds. We spent the evening guessing the other 11. Splendid stuff! Now over to the last 3 factions.

La Licorne Hypocras produced by the company Omnis based in Normandy


Codes used:

EMN03 – Norman unarmoured cavalry

EMN01 – Norman armoured cavalry, charging

ALR04 – Lanciarii

For the Hearthguard and Warlord I used EMN01, however in doing it again I would have used the EMN03 code for all mounted units – to represent the more Javelin oriented Breton cavalry.  I did however use the EMN03 code for the mounted warrior unit.  For the levies I (again) used the late roman lanciariis.  Try out the Breton metal band Herzel and their “Nominoë” for some inspiration (Check out the link below).

Breton 4pt Warband


Codes used:

EMV03 – Armoured Axemen

EMV01 – Armoured Spearmen

EMV02 – Unarmoured Spearmen

ALR04 – Lanciarii

EMV05 – Viking Luminaries and Loonies

EMN06 – Norman Leaders

For these domesticated Vikings I used armoured Viking spearmen (EMV01) for one of the hearthguard units as well as the warlord unit (fronted with miniatures from the Viking and Norman leader packs – leftovers).  For the second hearthguard unit I used the Viking axemen (EMV03), this code was also used for one of the warrior units but I did not paint them with armour.  The final warrior unit used the unarmoured Viking spearmen (EMV01) fronted by the good old lanciarii (ALR04) as these are Javelin armoured warriors. Did I mention Amon Amarth before? Try their “Death in Fire” for inspiration.

Norse-Gael 4pt Warband


Franks (Capetian)

Codes Used:

EMN04 – Norman armoured infantry

EMN01 – Norman Armoured Cavalry, charging

EMN07 – Norman Crossbowmen

I have chosen to depict the Capetian Franks that more or less looks like a Norman  warband.  For the Warlord and the hearthguards I used the Norman charging cavalry (EMN01).  As one warrior unit can be armed with Crossbow I did those with the Norman Crossbowmen (EMN07) and the other warrior unit using the Norman armoured infantry (EMN01). Listen to the multi-talented Christopher Lee’s Charlmagne album as inspiration (his last metal album).

Capetian Franks
Franks (Capetian) 4pt Warband



Unit Faction Pts Type Miniatures per Base
Warlord (Mounted) Breton 0 Warlord 5
4 Mounted Machiterns Breton 1 Hearthguard 4
4 Mounted Machiterns Breton 1 Hearthguard 4
8 Mounted Soldiers (Warriors) Breton 1 Warrior 3
Skirmishers (Javelins) Breton 1 Levy 4
 Warlord Norse Gael 0 Warlord 10
4 Hearthguards with Dane Axes Norse Gael 1 Hearthguard 9
4 Hearthguards Norse Gael 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Warriors with Dane Axes Norse Gael 1 Warrior 8
8 Warriors. Norse Gael 1 Warrior 8
Warlord (Mounted) Franks 0 Warlord 5
Mounted Hearthguard Franks 1 Hearthguard 4
Mounted Hearthguard Franks 1 Hearthguard 4
Warriors (Spear) Franks 1 Warrior 8
Warriors (Crossbow) Franks 1 Warrior 6


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Herzel “Nominoë”

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