Saga in 6mm – Part 4

Note 1: It probably makes more sense if you read Saga in 6mm – Part 1 before you read this.

Note 2: All miniatures are from Baccus miniatures, unless indicated otherwise, and the codes relates to their catalogue.

Welsh, Anglo-Saxons and Jomsvikings

We decided to take some advantage of the weather and the English Heritage membership so ventured to Pevensey Castle and then later to the Abbey at Battle. The old Abbey is overseeing what is probably one of the most famous battle fields in history – the Battle of  Hastings 1066. I recommend visiting both these sites if you have a general interest in history and it is great for the children too.  Here are a few pictures from the day that may interest you.

Pevensey Castle –  this is the Anglo-Saxon shore fort that was overlooking the bay where the Normans landed in 1066 (today suitably called Norman Bay).
Detail from one of the information posters around the battlefield showing the Anglo-Saxons on top of the slope with the Normans below.
The Battlefield 950 years later with the Abbey on top of the slope. The Abbey was ordered to be built by the Pope in 1170 as penance.
Today There are only a few sheep grazing away. I suppose later in the year the field will be full of reenactors and visitors. It will probably be a memorable event – it is 950 years ago after all!
The Little One taking advantage of a lessons in early Medieval Swordsmanship.

Now over to the main event, starting with the Welsh…


Codes used:
ALR04 – Lanciarii
EMV02 – Unarmoured Spearmen
EMN05 – Norman Archers
For the Hearthguard and Warlord I used the unarmoured spearmen (EMV02 – from the Viking code) fronted by an individual model from the Late Roman lanciarii code (ALR04) to mark the units as being armed with Javelin – the Warlord unit was fronted by 2 spearmen figures For the bonnedig (levy) I used Norman Archers (EMN05) – as I thought I had enough Javelins already.  Painting inspiration perhaps by listening to those mighty Manic Street Preachers and perhaps “There by the grace of God”.
Welsh 4pt Warband

Anglo- Saxons

Codes used:
EMA01 – Huscarls with Spear
EMA03 – Fyrd Spearmen
EMA05 – Saxon Leaders and command
For the warriors and the shield and spear levy I used the Fyrd Spearmen (EMA03).  The thin line for the levy unit works well to represent these weak but potentially useful peasant soldiers.  For the hearthguard and the warlord unit I used the Huscarls with Spear (EMA01) fronted by the miniatures from the Saxon Leaders pack. I suppose these are late Anglo-Saxons less tarnished by the Danes than the Anglo-Danes (!).  As for painting songs listen to anything with Saxon – one of Yorkshire’s finest bands and still going strong – “Crusader” is a good choice.
Anglo-Saxon 4pt Warband


The semi-legendary unit of mercenary Norse Warriors selling their spears (swords, axes and shields too) to the highest bidder.  I opted for a shield with the same design as the Icelandic flag – I wanted to give them a coherent look.  I used these codes:
EMV01 – Armoured Spearmen
EMV02 – Unarmoured Spearmen
EMV05 – Viking Luminaries and Loonies
For the hearthguard and warlord units I used the Armoured Spearmen (EMV01) fronted by characters from (EMV05) and for the Warrriors the unarmoured spear (EMV02). Amon Amarth’s “Way of Viking” is very appropriate for these tough guys (from their recent Jomsviking album).
Fight until your dying breath!
This is a matter of life and death!
“Way of Viking” by Amon Amarth
Jomsviking 4pt Warband

Next time the last three factions. If you want to follow the blog enter your details on the left or like us on facebook.  All the best / The One.


Unit Faction Pts Type Miniatures per Base
Warlord Welsh 0 Warlord 1
4 Teulu with Javelin (Hearthguard) Welsh 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Priodaur with Javelins (Warriors) Welsh 1 Warrior 8
8 Priodaur with Javelin (Warriors) Welsh 1 Warrior 8
Bonnedig (Levy) with Bow Welsh 1 Levy 4
Warlord Anglo-Saxon 0 Warlord 10
4 Thegns (Hearthguard) Anglo-Saxon 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Ceorls (Warriors) Anglo-Saxon 1 Warrior 8
8 Ceorls (Warriors) Anglo-Saxon 1 Warrior 8
Geburs with Spears & Shields (Levy.) Anglo-Saxon 1 Levy 4
Warlord Jomsvikings 0 Warlord 10
4 Jomsvikings (Hearthguard) Jomsvikings 1 Hearthguard 9
4 Jomsvikings (Hearthguard) Jomsvikings 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Dreng (Warriors) Jomsvikings 1 Warrior 8
8 Dreng (Warriors) Jomsvikings 1 Warrior 8

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