Saga in 6mm – Part 3

The Viking, Norman and Anglo-Danish Factions (4pt Saga Warbands)

Note 1: It probably makes more sense if you read Saga in 6mm – Part 1 before you read this.

Note 2: All miniatures are from Baccus miniatures, unless indicated otherwise, and the codes relates to their catalogue.


For the mighty Vikings Baccus have a number of useful miniatures, including:

EMV01 – Armoured Spearmen

EMV02 – Unarmoured Spearmen

EMV05 – Viking Luminaries and Loonies

For the Warlord I used some spearmen fronted by two figures (including the mounted Viking that comes in the EMV05 pack). For the hearthguard units I used EMV01 fronted by characters from EV05 (for the berserkers I used the Wolfskin clad character on two bases and the bare chested guy on the other two (I also used a few of the characters in the ranks). For the non-berserker units I used a less crazy looking front man.  The Bondi (Warriors)were made from the unarmoured spearmen (EMV02).

From my own experience, Vikings are best painted whilst listening to Amon Amrath’s “Twilight of the Thundergod” (See related links below). You may prefer something softer and calmer.

Viking 4pt Warband


As for the Vikings, not much trickery is needed to find suitable miniatures, the codes used are:

EMN01 – Norman Armoured Cavalry, charging

EMN05 – Norman Archers

EMN07 – Norman Crossbowmen

EMN06 – Norman Leaders

For the hearthguards (Knights) I used the Charging cavalry (EMN01) and the same for the Warlord (but with one of the fronting figures from the EMN06 pack).  The archers are Levy and therefore I only used 4 on each of the 12 bases (to avoid doubt it was from the EMN07 pack!). The crossbow unit are Warriors so I decided to put 6 on each base (mainly as I only had one pack of 48 miniatures at the time and it divides nicely with 8).  Try Taste’s “Norman Invasion” for inspiration to your painting.

Norman 4pt Warband


On the same theme today – “easy to find miniature factions”. For the Anglo-Danish we are using codes from the Anglo-Saxon range.

EMA01 – Huscarles with Spear

EMA02 – Huscarles with Axe

EMA03 – Fyrd Spearmen

EMA05 – Saxon Leaders and command

4 Hearthguards with Huscarles with Spear (EMA01) fronted by character from EMA05. They other 4 Hearthguards being done using 9 axe wielding guys from EMA02.  For the Ceorls (Warriors) I used the Fyrd Spearmen (EMA03).

Not sure what to use for painting inspiration, maybe some danes singing in english? In that case it does not get much better than Gasolin and their song “This is my life”.

Anglo-Danish 4pt Warband

Halfway through the factions that will be used – stay tuned.

Take care, have a good week.

Note 3: Other songs and Meeples and Miniatures podcast probably works equally good!

Unit Faction Pts Type Miniatures per Base
Warlord Viking 0 Warlord 10
4 Hearthguard Viking 1 Hearthguard 9
4 Hearthguard (Berserker) Viking 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Bondi Viking 1 Warrior 8
8 Bondi Viking 1 Warrior 8
Warlord (Mounted) Norman 0 Warlord 5
4 Hearthguard (Mounted) Norman 1 Hearthguard 4
4 Hearthguard (Mounted) Norman 1 Hearthguard 4
8 Warriors (Crossbow) Norman 1 Warrior 6
4 Levy (Bow) Norman 1 Levy 4
Warlord Anglo-Danish 0 Warlord 10
4 Huscarls (Axes) (Hearthguard) Anglo-Danish 1 Hearthguard 9
4 Huscarls (Spears) (Hearthguard) Anglo-Danish 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Ceorls (Warriors) Anglo-Danish 1 Warrior 8
8 Ceorls (Warriors) Anglo-Danish 1 Warrior 8

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Amon Amarth “Twilight of the Thundergod”

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Gasolin “This is my life”

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