Saga in 6mm – Part 2

The Irish, Strathclyde Welsh and Scottish Factions (4pt Saga Warbands)

Note 1: It probably makes more sense if you read Saga in 6mm – Part 1 before you read this.

Note 2: All miniatures are from Baccus miniatures, unless indicated otherwise, and the codes relates to their catalogue.


The Irish have the option to field a warrior unit of war dogs and who could honestly resist that? I needed to find some 6mm dogs. Baccus does not do any dogs but I did not need to get to any extreme measures as Perfect Six do some nice ones (and since I ordered my dogs they now also do wolves that could represent even more terrifying dogs – mine were border collies painted grey rather than the less intimidating Lassie look) so I ordered enough dogs to do 8 No. bases with 5 dogs and a dog handler on each. I used AMO01 Moorish infantry from the “Rome and Enemies range” for the dog handlers. These were leftovers from another project and I felt that the movement in these skirmish type figures were suitable to act as “leaders of the pack”.  The war dogs may be more legend than reality but I think they add flair to the game (I have provided an interesting link below to an article about war dogs amongst the early Irish).

For the Hearthguard (Fianna) I used the ALR04 Lanciarii (from the Late Roman Range) to represent these Javelin armed units. For the Warrior units and the Warlord I used the EMV02 – Unarmoured Spearmen (vikings!).

Irish 4pt Warband


Strathclyde Welsh

For the Strathclyde Welsh I decided to make all units mounted and used AG003-Gothic Heavy Cavalry for the Warlord and Hearthguard (Teulu) and AG004-Gothic Medium Cavalry for the Warriors. Yes, I know, they are supposed to be ponies – these are just very big ones!

S Welsh.JPG
Strathclyde Welsh 4pt Warband



For the Scots I used one code of figures (AG001-Gothic infantry) for the 16 bases of Warriors (Soer-Chele) and the 8 bases of Hearthguard (Thanes). For the warlord base I used a leftover AG003 – Gothic Heavy Cavalry figure as well as one from the Norman or Viking Leaders pack in front of the two rows of infantry.

Scottish 4pt Warband


In summary:

Unit Faction Pts Type Miniatures per Base
Warlord Irish 0 Warlord 10
4 Fianna (Hearthguards w. Javelin) Irish 1 Hearthguard 9
4 Fianna (Hearthguards w. Javelin) Irish 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Bonnachts (Warriors) Irish 1 Warrior 8
8 Dog handler with 5 dogs (Warriors). Irish 1 Warrior 6
Warlord (Mounted) S Welsh 0 Warlord 5
4 Mounted Teulu (Hearthguards) S Welsh 1 Hearthguard 4
4 Mounted Teulu (Hearthguards) S Welsh 1 Hearthguard 4
8 Mounted Warriors S Welsh 1 Warrior 3
8 Mounted Warriors S Welsh 1 Warrior 3
Warlord Scots 0 Warlord 10
4 Thanes (Hearthguard) Scots 1 Hearthguard 9
4 Thanes (Hearthguard) Scots 1 Hearthguard 9
8 Soer-Chele (Warriors) Scots 1 Warrior 8
8 Soer-Chele (Warriors) Scots 1 Warrior 8

Next time we will ha a look at another 3 factions.

All the best.

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