Caesar Awards 2021 – Rolled a Six

As I have said before I started as a thank you for all the contents that is being provided by so many people out there that has helped me over the years in getting inspired, learning techniques, finding out more about various periods and frankly getting a little bit of an escape from it all. I also did it to record the works I was doing for my 6mm in Saga project five years ago.

The first picture appearing on the blog from this blogpost Saga in 6mm – Part 1

I mentioned in a previous blog that the good people at Little Wars TV had nominated this blog for their Caesar Awards 2021 as Wargame Blog of the year (see more details here).

Having spent a long Friday evening (and early Saturday morning) with mates online drinking and remembering the brilliant Mike Hobbs (more here), I was not sure whether I should watch the ceremony or not. However I did fall asleep during the evening and woke up an hour before the start of the award show, being broadcast on Sunday morning at 01.00 due to the time difference between the UK and the States. You can watch the show by using the link below. I really enjoyed the intro and the special song (a proper Broadway number) and of course the show itself. Then the first award given was the blog award and he did say Roll a One, didn’t he?.

Friends of the blog Too Fat Lardies got the award for best Podcast (in hard competition with other friends of the blog Gods own Scale and Battlegames) with their Oddcast, Alex at Storm of Steel Wargaming won the painting video awards and Sonic Sledgehammer Studios for his fantastic how I paint Republican Romans. Well done tot the Lardies, Alex, Sonic and all the other winners.

There was a lots of entries and I was chuffed not pull the shortest straw, or if you wish roll a one, this time.

Thanks to the Judges and the Little Wars TV Patreons!, and to Little Wars for all the good stuff they do for the hobby.

There is a lot of stuff produced for the historical wargaming hobbyist and this kind of acknowledgement is really important and encouraging, I hope not just for myself, but for others to perhaps consider starting a blog, recording a video and sharing it with others, or otherwise getting engaged in creating some content be it serious analytical stuff or light entertainment.

In addition, and whilst I have your attention there is an important thing you can do even if you do not want to produce content yourself, that actually plays in your favour, and that is to let the people who are behind wargaming video channels, blogs, Facebook accounts, etc know that you appreciate what they do – perhaps leave a comment, send them a like, or share the link to others, or follow the blog/channel or whatever it is called.

I have to admit that the small occasional comment from one of the Roll a One regulars or someone just passing by really cheers me up and keeps me and the blog going.

If you do not like what they do and you honestly think that you ought to tell them perhaps you could do it in a nice and constructive way or perhaps move on to something else. I very rarely feel upset having to read a short text or watched a video even if I did not like it, especially if it was free.

The passing of Mike Hobbs last week have really made me appreciate the positivism that someone like Mike spread and how he built bridges between different hobby islands and made it a better place. So whilst we can never be Mike, we can try to be like him – making it more inclusive and fun!

Anyway really humbled by this award, and I am more than sure Mike would have been proud of us too,

/ Take care

19 thoughts on “Caesar Awards 2021 – Rolled a Six

  1. Huge congratulations, Per. You are a worthy winner of the Caesar, among some terrific competition also. I’ve followed your blog since the start, and have loved all of the things you’ve blogged on here. Blogs are a lot of work, but people love them – so it’s always worth continuing. Thank you so much for keeping yours going so strongly. Best wishes and congratulations again, Sir!

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  2. MartijnN

    Congratulations, Per! You had my vote, so of course I think your victory is well-deserved. Your blog never fails to inspire me. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Phil Carrington

    Well done Per. Very much deserved recognition for all the time, effort and continued inspiration. I know I look forward to each blog post and to trying out some of the more unusual ideas (spaghetti fences ? I’ve had a go and it works !). Some of the multi-part series (especially Poltava) are little gems. Congratulations.

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  4. Congratulations on the win. I’m a new follower led here by the Caesar’s, and after a quick peruse have to say I like the historical links coupled with the figure/gaming connection, though not sure I will ever do 6mm, your paint job and the look of the ranked little buggers is very impressive. I look forward to seeing where you go next.

    Condolences on the loss of your friend Mike Hobbs.

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    1. Many thanks Anthony, happy to have joined. As you may have noted there is a eclectic mix of stuff. The current 6mm project is the Holstein 1700 project with some of the early engagements of the Great Northern War and a what if battle with a wide variety on Nations/Principalities represented. The 6mm stuff takes a little bit of an initial effort but in the long run has allowed me to do so many battles over the last few years in a very efficient way – if you have not tried it I would recommend picking up a pack and try it out – it may surprise you. I checked out your blog , looks great! Again, thanks.

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