Swedish Cavalry, Gaslands and Seasonal Greetings from him

I have to admit to being less than productive recently due to work and other real stuff, but hey ho (ho ho ho.. it is soon Christmas!).  A short blog entry this time.

Stuff for Horka 1708

I did do a few bases for the next TMT installment the Battle of Horka 1708 (more here), here is some Swedish Cavalry:

Kunglig Majestäts Livdragonregementet (His Royal Highness Lifedragoon regiment) – this enlisted regiment was set up by General Carl Gustaf Rehnskiöld in 1700.  It was a prestigous regiment and it had fought at many of the big battles of the Great Northern War.



Södra Skånska Kavalleriregementet (South Scanian Cavalry regiment) – this provincial regiment fought during the Scanian War at the Battle of Lund 1676 and Landskrona 1677 (it was then called the Blekinge regiment at Horse).  After the Scanian War it was stationed as one of the provincial cavalry regiment of Scania (Skåne, this is the most southern Swedish Province that has been fought over  by  Swedes and Danes for eternity!) and got the name it was known for during the Great Northern War.



Nylands- och Tavastehus läns kavalleriregemente (Nylands and Tavastehus County Cavalry Regiment) – this Finnish Provincial regiment had origins from the early  17th century.  I already had some but then realised they were on wintery bases, for Fraustadt, so I had to make a few more.



Gaslands Death race Track

I also finished my Gaslands Board and if failure is the best teacher I now know a few more things about resin – But it is all hard now!  I wanted to create an effect of toxic and radioactively radiant water and I think it looks pretty decent with some after pouring messing with paints etc – I also put a few vehicles into the resin giving the overall feel that if you end up in the toxic/radioactive it does not end well.



I have also ordered some smaller sized movement templates for Gaslands – but they are yet to arrive. It will probably be on the other side of Christmas before I have a go at racing the track, but I will let you know how it goes.  More about this here.

I will do a little end of year review next week after I have met family and friends for some fun over the festive seasons.  This will be a summary of the last fifty or so blog entries and my reflections on my plans and what I actually ended up doing and perhaps a reflection or two.

/Until then Seasonal Rolls of Ones from him!



4 thoughts on “Swedish Cavalry, Gaslands and Seasonal Greetings from him

  1. Great stuff – thank you. I particularly like the Swedish cavalry and remember how pleased I was to paint up the grey Nylands- och Tavastehus Regiment after all that blue !

    Love the gaslands track but you have to feel sorry for the guys who end up in the radioactive sludge !



    1. You are most welcome Phil, I am not sure how the Nylands got away with the grey! I really enjoyed working with the resin – I sacrificed a few yellow highlighters for the project. Many thanks!


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