Towards Moscow Trilogy (TMT) Part 3- Feeling Good Multiplying a Supply Column

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by you know how I feel.

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life for me

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me
And I’m feeling good

The radio served me this song the other day whilst I was battling a cold and getting used to the concept of needing to get back to work after the Christmas break.  It was the Michael Bublé version of the song that Google, ever so kindly, tells me was originally written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd (Now that is a title!).  I decided to get up and continue doing those damn supply waggons I said I would do in the last TMT Part (see here) a few weeks ago.

I had already done 24 canopies using the moulds I had made. It takes a while as the plaster ideally needs about an hour to set properly.  I had to do some post moulding filing but overall it was easy and very satisfying.

I painted them as I had done the prototype one and in summary I can say that I am happy with the overall result…



…And I’m feeling good

I will do another 12 that will give me a total length of about 1.5m worth of supply train – that is meters and not millions!. I will also do more bases for the column with some pulled artillery, cattle, sheep, pack horses/mules etc. But that is for another day.

On the musical note

I do not go to as many music concerts as I used to. However the next few weeks I have a fair few musical outings to look forward to:

  • I am debating with myself whether I have seen Sabaton eight or nine times in London.  I think Sabaton is a brilliant band and a joy to see live. It is metal and their songs are about warfare and this is not everyone’s cup of tea (or pint of beer) but it is certainty mine.  This time they are playing at the Brixton Academy supported by the German metal band Accept –  most famous to me for the Balls to the Walls song many years ago. There is also a third band called Twilight Force that I am looking forward to see as well. Good night!  I really got inspired when they released their Carolus Rex album and my Fraustadt table at Joy of Six a few years ago was inspired by the song “Killing Ground” (incidentally I put in a link to a video from youtube here if you like 18th century uniforms and some metal ).
  • Next up are the legendary Black Sabbath doing their “The End” gig at the O2 Arena.  I am really looking forward to this and hope it will evoke some of that magic I felt when I first listened to the early songs like Paranoid, Children of the Grave and Iron Man to mention a few.  I let you google Black Sabbath for yourself if you have no idea what I am talking about.
  • The next one is an odd one (for me) and I first came across them whilst browsing for the Rats in the Wall story by H.P Lovecraft a few years back (I did find it here). I found this band called Tiger Lillies performing their song Rats (in the Walls, with a link to youtube here) and was not sure whether it was absolute rubbish or bloody brilliant – I settled for the latter and it seems like the stars have aligned this year and I will be able to see them in early February at the Roundhouse in London. I wonder what the Better One will make of it? If you could stand the above why not try these, Bully Boys and Crack of Doom.  I told you it was odd, did I not?

….And I’m feeling good

I and the little one are off to try out our new Star Wars Ships (from Rogue One) for the X-wing miniatures games. A shout-out for Andrew Wood at Board game Extras (link here) who I have ordered most of the X-wing miniature ships from since the early days. His prices are more than competitive and their customer service, in my experience, is brilliant. One large ship, the U-wing, and a small ship, the TIE Striker. They both look cool and the title ability for the TIE ship seems interesting and potentially useful as well as the new rebel crew cards.




/ And I’m feeling … you got it….Until next




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