Lesnaya 1708 – Part 1

I started on the next Great Northern War (GNW) project this week, namely Lesnaya 1708. I will do a write-up of the Battle and my thoughts on how I will do this at some later date. You can read about it on Wikipedia. In the meantime here are 10 finished bases of Russian Infantry. There were only 4 infantry regiments present.

For painting guide I used the eminent tacitus webpage that have full uniform details for the battles of the era. There are some blanks for regiments we do not know what uniforms they wore, but that is not a problem for these 10 battalions of elite russian infantry. These, like all my GNW, are bases with one base representing a battalion of 400 to 600 men.  I have not yet added the standards. Here we go (all miniatures by Baccus, from their 18th century GNW range).

Semyonovsky Life-Guards Regiment, 3 battalions
Preobrazhensky Life-Guards Regiment, 3 battalions
Ingermanlandski Regiment, 3 battalions

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