Progress on the Poltava 1709 Project – Total Battle Village Tiles (TMT)

I needed a few more Villages for the Poltava table and bought some of Total Battle Miniature’s houses and scenic tiles (link to their webpage here).  I normally make my own tiles but thought I treat myself. I like the concept of a separate Village tile because it makes the village more defined than just placing some houses in a cluster on the battle mat. The tiles are made in a rubbery material and it is not recommended to use spray primers to paint them.   These small tiles costs about £4 each and works well with their very extensive range of houses, etc.

Two of the Sets I bought

I painted the rubber bases with undiluted brown acrylic and then dry brushed them and added some static grass, flock and a few tufts.

Tile without the buildings – the dimensions for the “holes” are aligned with Total Battle house dimensions.
The three village tiles I made
Works really good
The visiting Dragoons are happy with the result (6mm Baccus)

I really like these. / Hope that was of some interest.









8 thoughts on “Progress on the Poltava 1709 Project – Total Battle Village Tiles (TMT)

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