Bonus Blog Post – Filler Cars for Gaslands in 6mm


This is a bonus 2017 blog, my annual review/reflection can be found here if you are interested, that blog also contains some pictures of Gaslands movements templates I will be using for my games and where to get them.

I wanted to have some additional cars for my Gaslands project to use as cars for the game, but more importantly to have in the background and to make some terrain pieces with so I ordered some models for architectural and/or railway use.  As we noted in a previous post the 6mm scale (a link to that post here) is an artistic scale and varies between manufacturers and even between ranges from the same manufacturer.

I ordered cars in the following scales on e-bay: 1/300, 1/250 and 1/200. Pictures below and valid as at 31-Dec-17.  These were from the actual sellers I used.


In summary (the 1/250 vehicles are from the UK, the others come from China).  It took between 1 and 3 weeks for them to arrive.


From left to right, 1/300, 1/250 and 1/200.


1/200 – 50 vehicles for £2.98 (in different coloured plastics) – length 25mm, width 10mm. 

1/250 – 50 vehicles for £8 (in white) – length 17-20mm, width 7mm.  But you can find cheaper from Chinese sellers.

1/300 – 100 vehicles for £2.54 (in white) – length 14-15mm, width 5mm.

So how do they compare to the stuff I am using for Gaslands?


The 1/200 model fits best to the vehicles I am using for Gaslands (please see the previous blog for reference to these vehicles, link here again)




The 1/250 model fits best with the earlier Microworld range (again see the link to the previous blog for further information here)


So the 1/200 model is a pretty good match for me and the 1/250 stuff reasonable for the first set of cars Microworld did.  They also come in a lot of different colours and variants, I think they will just need some clean up of the plastic, some highlights and perhaps some matt varnish to tone down the shine and we are good to go.  I may even stick some weapons on some of them and use them for regular races not just as fillers.


A few of the cars, three types and 6 different colours.


I have ordered some more 1/200 models as I would like to create some nice obstacles, it would be cool to have racing track through an old car dump, a car graveyard track – that would be classy indeed!

/But that is for another time, hope this was of some help.


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