For years I have enjoyed reading blogs, web pages and listening to podcast about tabletop wargaming.  This is a humble attempt to give something back.  I will try to publish something every week.  I do hope you will find it of some use.  Current interests are Dark Age skirmish (using Saga Rules), Great Northern War (using Maurice, Twilight of the Sun King and Polemos GNW), French Indian War (using Sharp Practice 2 and Pikeman’s Lament) and some Fantasy (using Dragon/Lion Rampant(, early WW2  (France 1940 and the Russo-Finnish Winter War using Chain of Command rules), Command and Colors (Ancient and I recently got Tricorne), Dreadball and the X-wing miniature game. I do a lot of my stuff in 6mm but some stuff in 15mm and 28mm too.