Re-Clutter your Life (#Terraintober Immersion marker Project) Part 31 – Summary of it all.

This Part 31 of a series I have been running during October in support of the #Terraintober initiative. Part 1 (link here) gives an overview and the philosophy applied to the series – cheap, simple and fun clutter in 15mm. So no master classes here, just quantity to fill that table with things to enhance immersion, that is what immersion markers are for.

As stated before nothing I will be doing is particularly original or difficult to do and I hope it will have some use and give some kind of inspiration to do some immersion markers yourself. I will try to discuss how I did each piece but it is really mostly about splicing some coffee stirrers, eyeballing it and Rock and Roll a One modelling. Some items will be more specific to the theatre I am aiming for, a rural Sweden in 1943, but I think you will find most items useful as generic clutter anywhere with a few modifications.

Here is a link to the individual blogposts, the objective was a total spend of less than £30, we hit £25 (with perhaps a little bit of cheating), it could have been significantly less. I Hope some of them might inspire you to either have a go or seek out commercial alternatives. Clutter leads to immersion, immersion enhances the game!

  1. Pigsty
  2. Root cellar
  3. Log piles
  4. Pile of Planks
  5. Dog Kennel
  6. Cellar Entrance
  7. Composter
  8. Small Pond
  9. Planter
  10. Wheelbarrow
  11. Well
  12. Hunting Tower
  13. Road Signs
  14. Washing Line
  15. Some Boxes
  16. Outhouse
  17. Swedish Hayrack
  18. Haywagon
  19. Play house and a See-saw
  20. Scarecrow
  21. Charcoal Burner
  22. Bee Hives
  23. Chicken Coop
  24. Mile Stone
  25. May Pole
  26. Bushes
  27. Charcoal Burner’s Hut
  28. Big Stones
  29. Tree Stumps
  30. The Belfry

My top 5 have been the following ones

  • The Charcoal Burner (and the hut too)
  • The Chicken Coop
  • The Pig Sty
  • The Swedish Hayrack
  • Dog Kennel

The next step of the project is to start getting some of the stuff on the table for the What-if 1943 invasion, plenty of Germans eager to jump the border. I have more than enough to do a varied amount of scenarios – for both sides.

These pieces of clutter will really add a lot of character to the stuff I already have.

Some Swedish Infantry advancing
Some Swedish APC (well these early versions lacking any useful armour) with Infantry demounting into the village buildings

So putting the new Clutter into some practice with a few quick shots, planned to do a game today but got an opportunity to do something better with the family so a few “staged” photos instead, but I hope you get the idea. Battle Mat from Geek Villain ( ).

First out a small farm with a lot of clutter, do you recognise it? The pile of planks, the cellar entrance, the wheelbarrow, the Hayrack, the planter, the Dog Kennel, the pile of logs, the boxes, the outhouse, the play house & see-saw, the haywagon, the well, the washing hanged to dry, the Chicken Coop and the Pig Sty.
A Swedish Anti-tank gun next to the hayracks,
The Beehives and the Earth Cellar and Swedish Tank and some Motorcycles cruising,
The instant cellar entrance!
That is the direction to the Folkpark!
Really enjoying the overall effect!
The Composter!
A (Moose) Hunting Tower in the forest
A Charcoal burner, the Charcoal Burner’s Hut, some bushes, stone and tree stumps.
Some foods is being served at the Belfry with the small Duck pond in the background
From a different angle

Many thanks

/ Hope that was of some interest, I really enjoyed making this series. Now I do not want to see Coffee Stirrer for at least a week. If you do end up doing some of the clutter yourself please share your experience and pictures – I would really appreciate it. Or let me know which one is your favourite.

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