Background to your Miniatures – a little trick


This is a little short blog update to discuss a little trick you can use to add a little bit of extra interest to your miniatures photos. Nothing revolutionary in my view but some appreciation at Twitter, when I have revealed the method, has lead me to believe that perhaps someone else may find this useful.

Here are a few pictures I took of some of the Eastern Horse I will be using for the Poltava 1709 Battle.  They are all 6mm models from Baccus form various codes from the Great Northern War and Ancient range.


Some of these models look better in the flesh than others, but I hope you agree that we can roughly see what is going on and that the background enhances the picture. It becomes a few blokes riding around the country side as opposed to a some miniatures on a 60 by 60 base. You may even wonder what they are up to!

There are many ways we could achieve this, including (1) having a fully “terrained” up table and using that as a backdrop, (2) using a background picture on a board (like the long side panels used for railway set-up with rolling terrain) or (3) using some green sheet in the background and then photoshop in a background.

I used neither of these methods, I just found a picture I liked on the internet, turned my coffee cup upside down (make sure it is empty) and placed the miniatures on it in front of the picture on the screen and snapped away – quick and easy.

My little rig!

 A few things to note is that this works great for a few miniatures but it may be difficult to line up your whole army and get them all, I suppose you could set something up against you wide screen TV – I let you explore further.

This is a 54mm figure, so I guess it is not just a 6mm thing.

An early 19th Century Swedish Infantry man!

/ I hope that was of some use, a little cheers from my Paradise Island!


..or is it?


Have fun..


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